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Denison Hydraulics

Hydraulic Energy Australia: your trusted provider of Denison Hydraulic solutions nationwide. Delivering exceptional quality and expertise in fluid power technology.

Denison Hydraulics

Our reputation for excellence is built on integrity.

Hydraulic Energy Australia is proud to collaborate with and supply Denison Hydraulics, a renowned brand synonymous with exceptional hydraulic solutions. With a remarkable history spanning over a century, Denison Hydraulics has firmly established itself as a trusted name in the industry.

Originating as the Cook Motor Co. in 1900, Denison Hydraulics initially specialised in manufacturing heavy-duty industrial gasoline engines. However, faced with the limitations of cumbersome and single-cylinder engines, the company embarked on a transformative journey. In a bold move following World War I, Bill Denison introduced the world’s first hydraulic machine in 1925—a hydraulic car pusher designed to navigate kilns while transporting clay-ware-laden cars.

Despite encountering a business recession and weathering the challenges of the Great Depression, Denison Hydraulics embraced the power of hydraulics to emerge as a resilient company. Even in the face of adversity, such as a devastating fire that consumed the Delaware plant just 33 years after its inception, Denison Hydraulics persevered.

Today, Denison Hydraulics stands as a testament to its enduring legacy and unwavering commitment to innovation. With its acquisition by Parker Hannifin, the brand continues to deliver cutting-edge hydraulic solutions trusted by industries worldwide.

At Hydraulic Energy Australia, we are dedicated to providing an extensive range of Denison Hydraulic products. Our inventory encompasses Gold Cup pumps, motors, controllers, directional control valves, and spare parts. With our state-of-the-art workshop facility located in Perth, we offer expert supply and overhaul services of Denison products.