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Bifold Marshalsea

Hydraulic Energy Australia: your trusted provider of Bifold Marshalsea products nationwide. Delivering exceptional quality and expertise in fluid power technology.

Bifold Marshalsea

Our reputation for excellence is built on integrity.

Discover the legacy of engineering excellence with Marshalsea Hydraulics, a brand shaped by over a century of innovation. Founded in 1830, the brand’s journey began with horse-drawn carriages, evolving through history to become a pioneering force in hydraulic systems for aircraft, guided missiles, and valves for mining.

In the late 20th century, Marshalsea’s expertise soared with hydraulic pumps and valves for the offshore oil and gas industry. Today, as part of the Bifold Fluidpower group, Marshalsea Hydraulics maintains its reputation for precision and innovation. From the groundbreaking pressure intensifier to state-of-the-art manufacturing, excellence remains at the core of their legacy, ensuring a prosperous future in the world of hydraulics.


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