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At Hydraulic Energy Australia, we're committed to providing access to Parker Hydraulics' superior product range across the nation. Specialising in fluid technology, hydraulic systems, and advanced controls, we stand as a dependable source for Parker Hydraulics' cutting-edge solutions.

Parker Hydraulics

Our reputation for excellence is built on integrity.

Embrace the Power of Parker Hydraulics with Hydraulic Energy


Hydraulic Energy is proud to offer a wide range of Parker Hydraulics’ superior products, known for their unmatched quality and innovative design. As one of the largest companies in the world specialising in motion control technology, Parker Hydraulics has made an indelible mark in various sectors, including aerospace, fluid & gas handling, hydraulics, automation, climate & industrial controls, seals, filtration, and instrumentation.

Parker Hydraulics’ comprehensive and diverse portfolio not only provides rigorous and in-depth knowledge of hydraulic applications but also understands the operational and performance demands of such systems. Their expansive product range includes top-quality hydraulic filters, valves, and cylinders, designed to enhance efficiency and performance.

We, at Hydraulic Energy, are part of the vast distributor network of Parker Hannifin Corporation in Australia. Our key mission is to deliver these outstanding products promptly, reducing downtime and bringing unparalleled expertise to every facet of the industry across the country.

Explore Parker’s widely used hydraulic and pneumatic components and systems, from accumulators, cartridge valves, and coolers to electrohydraulic actuators, electronic displays and human-machine interfaces, electronic I/O controllers, fan drives, and more. Each product showcases Parker’s commitment to innovation and quality, ideal for the manufacture or supply of industrial and mobile machinery and equipment.