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GE INPEX Project

GE Oil and Gas required a TFHPU to undertake pretesting and flushing of various pieces of equipment for the INPEX project that were to be completed in Broome Western Australia.

Bespoke design TFHPU

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Overview of Requirements

GE Oil and Gas required a TFHPU to undertake pre delivery testing and flushing of various pieces of hydraulic equipment that was originally manufactured in Aberdeen Scotland for the Inpex project located off Darwin.

The TFHPU was to be based and operated out of GE Oil and Gas Broome facility. The testing and flushing was an integral part of the final QA inspection before handover to Inpex for integration into the subsea network of equipment.


  • Bespoke design TFHPU with design considerations for user functioning, easy maintenance and variable applications of use.
  • Highest quality components used for long life time and TFHPU availability.

The TFHPU was designed with the following specifications and functions:

  • Overall Size: 3000mm x 1500mm x 2500mm
  • HP Circuit:
    • Maximum Pressure: 12600psi
    • Regulated Pressure: 0-10000psi
    • Flow: 3lpm
    • Accumulation: 1 x 10ltr 10000psi rated
    • Filtration: 316ss 3 micron
    • Flow Meter
    • Mimic Control panel
    • Outlets: 4 off
  • LP Circuit:
    • Maximum Pressure: 7500psi
    • Regulated Pressure: 0-5000Psi, 0-4300psi, 0-3000psi
    • Flow: 6lpm
    • Accumulation: 3 x 50ltr 9570psi rated
    • Filtration: 316ss 3 micron
    • Flow Meter
    • Control panel
    • Outlets: 16 off
  • Flushing Circuit:
    • Maximum Pressure: 1300psi
    • Flow: 21lpm
    • Pall PCM400 Contamination Unit
    • Filtration: 316ss 3 micron
    • Control panel

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