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Production Hydraulic Power Unit Upgrade

Elevating Reliability: Enhancing a Client's Hydraulic Power Unit for Optimal Performance and Efficiency.

PHPU Upgrade

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Overview of Requirements

Hydraulic Energy Austalia has undertaken a significant project aimed at enhancing the performance and reliability of a key client’s Production Hydraulic Power Unit (PHPU). The primary objectives of this project were to improve the maintainability and overall reliability of the PHPU system while optimising its operational efficiency. To achieve these goals, a comprehensive set of upgrades and enhancements were planned.


The solution proposed by HEA involved a series of strategic modifications to the existing PHPU system. A major focus of the upgrade was centered around accumulator replacement and reconfiguration to facilitate streamlined maintenance procedures. The project also encompassed crucial upgrades, including the integration of manifolded PCS (Process Control System) and ESD (Emergency Shutdown) solenoid valve assemblies.

Additionally, to ensure optimal operation and minimise potential issues, the return lines within the system were segregated. Redundant and faulty components, such as regulators and flow meters, were systematically removed to enhance system efficiency. Moreover, the recirculation system underwent a comprehensive upgrade, further contributing to the overall system improvement.

One of the key priorities of this project was the eradication of potential leak paths, which was accomplished through meticulous engineering and targeted component replacements. With the amalgamation of these strategic upgrades, the PHPU system’s reliability, efficiency, and ease of maintenance reached new heights, aligning seamlessly with the client’s operational requirements and industry standards.

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