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Woodside Subsea Operations

Woodside Energy required two ROV operatable BFTU control panels for subsea operations while its FPSO was away in Singapore for maintenance.

ROV operatable BFTU control panels

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Overview of Requirements

Woodside Energy required a solution to enable monitoring of Barrier Fluid levels and pressure testing in the Vincent field subsea pumps while the Ngujima Yin FPSO was away in Singapore for maintenance.

The Barrier Fluid Termination Unit (BFTU) allowed controlled and precise intervention and monitoring via a ROV at pre determined intervals. With pressure compensated pressure gauges installed on the control panel a quick indication of actual pressures within the subsea pumps were able to be obtained. If the pressure readings were low an inbuilt circuit of Walther ROV hotstabs and ROV operatable ball valves was installed to allow repressurisation of the built in accumulators. The accumulators allowed a 4-6 week interval before another intervention was required.


  • 316ss Design control Panel incorporating:
    • Walther ROV Hotstab receptacles
    • Subsea compensated pressure gauges
    • Accumulation
    • ROV operatable control valves
    • Associated tubing and instrumentation
  • Each control panel was flushed to cleanliness standard
  • Each Control panel was pressure and function tested as required

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